Le nostre proposte benessere spaziano da pacchetti studiati appositamente per la coppia, a idee pensate per il relax anche in compagnia degli amici, con percorsi benessere accompagnati da aperitivi a bordo vasca.


Isolating is made for those who like to take care of themselves enjoying the full resources of the host country, in this case Sicily. The treatments are in fact designed by drawing on some of the resources of this beautiful land narurali ranging from sea salt, olive oil, avocado or sweet almond, continuing with poultices of algae, clay wraps, completing with the use of essences such as lavender, thyme, lemon, sweet orange, sage, cinnamon, mint …

Each “package” the name of which brings us back to some stories by Luigi Pirandello, is performed by professionals, in a warm and comfortable sublimated by soft lighting and background music.

Package details:

  • Nosed Heaven: Foot bath with tub essence of thyme and lavender, reflexology, aroma body massage.
  • Lumie di Sicilia: Scrub with sea salt, avocado oil and lemon essence; poultice of seaweed and relaxing massage with olive oil and lemon total body. Face mask with clay.
  • In Silence: turkish bath, emotional shower, four hands massage with hot oil.
  • Amara water: total body exfoliation with sea salt and seaweed, face mask with marine collagen, solar shower.
  • Below deck: Scrub with sea salt and avocado oil, wrapping sludge blanket and total body, draining massage with essential oil of mint and sweet orange.
  • Vucceria: Scrub face essence of chamomile and antioxidant massage with avocado oil. Moisturizing mask with marine collagen. Drainage massage the essence of mint and cinnamon.
  • La Giara: Facial all’essenze energizing citrus aroma body massage.
  • The Lonely Man: Treatment with facial massage and clay purifying marine collagen, connective tissue massage back with essence of cinnamon.


Meeting point was born given the need for an adequate response to a world more than ever changing, evolving, interracial. The art of the message in this way, sees a harmonious fusion of Eastern techniques with western ones. You will be transported to the magical atmosphere of an Ayurvedic massage, and pampered by the sequence sweet and enveloping of Hawaiian massage, energized by reflexology, relax by a bio-energetic massage or Thai foot. Hot oil, candles, oriental aromas and background music, and incomiciano complete this temporary immersion in another reality.

Package details:

  • Candlemas: steam bath 30 m. Ayurvedic massage total body.
  • The Journey: Wellness, Hawaiian massage total body with shea butter, coconut facial mask.
  • With Other Eyes: Wellness, scrubs, ayurvedic massage for couples.
  • Breath: ayurvedic massage + Pinda sweda, total body wrap clay.
  • So it is (if you like): Thai foot reflexology, facial, scalp massage.
  • Distraction: facial treatment with bio-energetic massage, reflexology.


Sees in the customer equipment, products and treatments, for an improvement of person ranging from facial care to the nail, from modeling to firming treatments, the study of a make up personalized bridal makeup, and then again: manicures, pedicures, hair removal. Everything carefully planned and budgeted after a careful check up, hence the choice of a suitable lralranlenlo to the total satisfaction to your every expectation.


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